Covid-19 Policy

We permit one adult owner inside, with their pet.  

At the discretion of the doctor, clients may be asked to remain in their cars while we examine and treat your pet. We ask that you remain on-site during the appointment.

Please call ahead for appointments, food or medication refills, prescription requests, etc. so that we can minimize your wait time in the clinic. 

Please be on time for appointments, so we can see as many patients as time permits. Also, be patient with staff- there is increased demand for veterinary care and limited hours of staffing. We are actively trying to help your pets,  and protect staff and client health.

If you need something - please ask. We can talk to you about your specific pet's needs and whether an appointment is necessary in the short-term (e.g., routine vaccines for healthy patients can likely wait until the stay-at-home order is lifted). We can mail medication to you, or we can help you set up an account through VetSource for prescription refills. We are here to help you. We love our patients, and we care about their families, too.

Thank you.