We thought we would share some of our "family photos".

  • new-gallery-img17.jpg

    "Did someone say Cuddles?"

  • new-gallery-img1.jpg

    "Arkady R"

  • new-gallery-img2.jpg

    "Atlas B"

  • new-gallery-img3.jpg

    "Dr. Segl and An Armload of Kitties"

  • new-gallery-img4.jpg


  • new-gallery-img5.jpg

    "Forrest Meets Hairy"

  • new-gallery-img6.jpg

    "Gigi Negron"

  • new-gallery-img7.jpg

    "Hairy Christmas"

  • new-gallery-img8.jpg

    "King Leo"

  • new-gallery-img9.jpg

    "Liam Pepper"

  • new-gallery-img10.jpg

    "Life is Hard"

  • new-gallery-img12.jpg

    "Malt Rock"

  • new-gallery-img11.jpg

    "Little Dave"

  • new-gallery-img14.jpg


  • new-gallery-img15.jpg

    "Monty Koth"

  • IMG_1984.jpg

    "Summer Time Fun!"

  • Zelda.png

    "Princess Zelda"

  • Spot.png


  • Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.44.02 AM.png

    "Willis at the Lake"

...and we love them all