Vaccinations and Preventative Care

We customize a program of vaccinations and preventatives for each pet, we keep up with the latest advances in vaccine recommendations and technology, and use only the safest products. 



All routine blood, fecal and urine tests are available such as heartworm tests, fecal parasite test, urine analysis, blood chemistries, and complete blood cell counts. 



Medical Conditions


We evaluate, diagnose and treat illnesses of all kinds; perform routine annual exams plus pediatric visits (puppies and kittens) and geriatric exams.



Managing Chronic Illness


Our expert staff has lots of experience managing endocrine diseases; chronic GI disease; allergies of all kinds; lameness and arthritis cases; and cancers. 


Other Services

We provide other services such as dental care, surgery, imaging, routine spays and neuters, nail trims, boarding and cat boarding.

Emergency Information

After regular office hours, you can call our main phone number:  703-272-7810. The answering service will list three nearby emergency clinics and their numbers.