Pets and Halloween

Dr. Hillary Segl

Halloween is coming soon, and it’s fun to have your pets participate. We’d prefer everyone to have a safe, fun evening so here are some tips to keep the fur kids safe. Some hazards are obvious: chocolate can be toxic to pets. Dark chocolate is worse than milk chocolate, but if you have any doubts call a vet as soon as you know the pet has eaten any. Other candies can contain artificial sweeteners and one, called xylitol, can be fatal. Keep the pets out of all the candy. If you take your dog trick-or-treating be sure not to let him near any bowls of candy left out.

Jack-o-lanterns are one of the best parts of Halloween night. Pumpkin is not harmful to dogs, but if a pet tips over the pumpkin containing a lit candle, that can cause a fire. Be sure Jack is outdoors and away from frolicking dogs!

Dressing up your pet for Halloween is great. If you have a cute photo, be sure to share it with us on our Facebook page. While costumes are cute, not all pets like wearing clothing.  If Fluffy is terrified don’t force the issue. Don’t leave pets unattended with costumes on- they could chew and cause a choking hazard, or eat the cloth and have a blockage.

Halloween night will bring lots of kids to your door. If your dog or cat is scared of ringing, knocking, or strangers at the home, put them someplace quiet and let them sit out the festivities. Cats especially are quick and small and can bolt out an open door in the excitement: be sure they are safely tucked up for the evening. Check on all the pets once the trick-or-treating is over. Reward them (and yourself) with your favorite scary movie and a snack.