Why Spay Your Pet?

Dr. Hillary Segl

#Say No to Pyo

Spaying your cat or dog prevents several life-threatening conditions. One is called pyometra. That's when the uterus becomes infected, making the pet very ill. Signs include lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea, and possibly pus leaking from the vulva.

Other severe illnesses found in intact females (those who have a uterus and ovaries) are cystic ovaries, endometriosis; uterine, cervical or ovarian cancer and pseudo-pregnancy.

So why the squirrel? This animal is in rehab, and showed signs of pyometra. She was brought in for spaying to cure her illness. Any animal with a uterus can get pyometra.  Click the photo below to view the uncensored image, warning graphic content.

Intact females also have a much higher risk of mammary cancer. It increases with each heat cycle they go through. Remember, dogs and cats have eight breasts, not just two – so it's a huge problem when they get cancer there.

Call us to discuss spaying if your cat or dog is intact. Preventative medicine is the best kind. Keep them healthy!