• A small amount of chocolate, like the chips in a cookie, is normally not a problem. A larger amount, several ounces, can cause illness and death. The active ingredients in chocolate are theobromine and caffeine, so it makes sense that the signs of chocolate toxicity include hyperactivity, tremors, panting, and twitching. Very bad cases can lead to seizures, racing heartbeat (called tachycardia), abdominal pain, and death. Other signs include vomiting, diarrhea and decreased appetite- think of a small child who’s eaten too much candy.

  • It’s time to think about preventing parasites in your pets. Any pet that goes outside and touches ground is at risk. Even indoor pets in multi-family buildings may be exposed to fleas and ticks from common hallways, etc.


    What to use? Fleas and ticks can be kept off your pet with a “topical” medication- one that is applied to the skin and stays on the outside of the pet.

  • How do you get your cat to scratch on something that is “ok”? We get that question every day.


    Scratching behavior in cats is normal. They do it for several reasons; removing old claw sheaths, scenting an area, and stretching are all part of it. To get kitty to use the right item, you have to understand the behavior.